Case Study


B2C Sales Journey for Purchasing a Vehicle Insurance Policy

Product Designer

Murat Khamitov




October 2021


1 week


I designed a conceptual insurance quote generator website/app for RightMile, a US-based company specialising in low mileage vehicle insurance. Proposed in 2021, the project aimed to streamline the quotation journey for customers seeking to insure their vehicles. The design featured a four-step process culminating in payment to complete the policy. Key functionalities included a VIN lookup and a vehicle list connected via API to government databases. The user interface combined a user-friendly and modern aesthetic with RightMile's branding, reflecting the company's commitment to innovation and simplicity in the insurance sector.

Problem Statement

The current Rightmile user onboarding process is overly complex, lacking clear guidance, and suffers from poor user experience design, leading to high drop-off rates and user dissatisfaction. Users encounter technical issues, insufficient feedback, and a lack of personalisation, making the process cumbersome and frustrating. To improve this, we need to simplify the steps, enhance guidance, redesign the interface for better usability, resolve technical problems, implement effective feedback mechanisms, and personalise the experience to meet individual user needs. Addressing these issues will lead to higher user satisfaction, reduced drop-off rates, and increased engagement.


To improve Rightmile's user onboarding process, we streamlined the steps, added clear guidance, and redesigned the interface for better usability. Technical issues were resolved to ensure smooth performance across devices. Real-time feedback was introduced to guide users and reduce errors. Personalisation based on user profiles made the experience more engaging. These changes resulted in higher satisfaction, reduced drop-off rates, and increased user engagement.

User Journey

The onboarding journey involves multiple screens guiding the user from entering their zip code to confirming their policy details and connecting their car to the RightMile system.

Detailed Analysis of Each Step


Usability and User Experience Considerations

  • Pre-population of Fields: Enhances efficiency by reducing repetitive data entry.

  • Progress Indicators: Keeps users informed of their progress through the onboarding steps.

  • Error Messages: Provides immediate feedback to correct mistakes.

Visual and Interaction Design

  • Consistent Design Elements: Use of colour changes to indicate actionable buttons and progress icons that visually represent tasks.

  • Support Options: Availability of chat and phone support on each screen for user assistance.

Error Handling and Edge Cases

  • Invalid Inputs: Immediate error messages guide users to correct their entries.

  • Disqualification Criteria: Clear messaging for users who do not meet eligibility criteria due to high mileage or driving violations.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The RightMile onboarding process is designed to be user-friendly, efficient, and comprehensive. Recommendations for improvement could include:

  • Enhanced Mobile Experience: Optimise for mobile users.

  • Detailed Feedback: Provide more context in error messages to help users understand and correct issues.

  • User Testing: Regular user testing sessions to gather feedback and continuously improve the onboarding process.

Filled vehicle information form.

Search by the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Successful vehicle compatibility screen.

Alternative insurance solutions screen.

Mobile screens demonstrating responsiveness.

The map illustration and its outlined view.


Implementing the proposed improvements to Rightmile's user onboarding process led to notable positive outcomes. The streamlined steps and clear, interactive guidance reduced complexity and user errors. A redesigned user interface enhanced usability and satisfaction. Technical issues were resolved, ensuring smooth performance across devices and browsers. Real-time feedback and personalised onboarding increased user engagement and completion rates while reducing drop-offs. Overall, user satisfaction and engagement significantly improved.


The enhancements to Rightmile's onboarding process have successfully simplified and improved the user experience. Higher completion rates, increased user engagement, and reduced drop-offs highlight the effectiveness of these changes. The user-centric approach has proven beneficial, and ongoing focus on user needs will sustain these positive results.

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